Wage Classification: Grade 13/14

Organization: REACH, Inc.

Department: Admin

Supervisor: Director of Operations

Summary Position Statement:

The Data Analyst is responsible for data analysis across the Executive and Therap programs, and as assigned for the Human Resources or Accounting programs. The Analyst will also serve as software manager for certain user-interface software systems (such as Therap and Excel), and draw down data from financial and/or human resource records. This position trains and supports staff to use Therap and other software to enable users to achieve client reporting, scheduling and medication goals. This position will supervise the Therap Assistant, oversee accurate and efficient waiver billing, and has the primary responsibility for administration of this software (Therap). This position will assist in implementing and managing additional scheduling software across the agency. Additional analysis or data projects will be assigned from time to time by other programs as approved by the Executive Director.

Essential Functions of the Position:

    • Generate data reports for management for Waiver services including monthly usage reports and Executive Dashboard data analysis.
    • Monitor for over- or under-usage of authorized waiver service hours and implement effective communication to programs to follow-up.
    • Liaison with the accounting department to compare payroll information with billing generated by the Therap system.
    • Serve as Provider Administrator for Therap software system: includes decision-making and implementation of information, systems of collecting and verifying accuracy, access privilege management and data collection methods.
    • Supervise bi-weekly data checks, inputting of waiver service plans, and use of select modules approved by the ED, such as scheduling or medications.
    • Supervise Therap assistant. Improve Therap protocols as needed.
    • Ensure billing documentation for the waiver department is timely and accurate from point of entry by DSPs to submission to accounting. Directs billing staff on all quality control, communications to waiver staff, and accuracy tests for waiver data. Is responsible for determining whether notes are billable or not.
    • Assist with developing training materials for all Therap modules and other service-related software as needed by service staff such as basic Excel use, scheduling use, and note accuracy. Assists as assigned with implementation and training on new timesheet software.
    • Assist with data reports for program needs or agency audits as needed.
    • Coordinate implementation of new Therap modules and/or new software required by the State of Alaska such as EVV, as approved by the Executive Director.
    • Liaison with waiver service directors to train staff and improve staff efficiency in using the software.
    • If assigned, assign, track, and problem-solve REACH computers and devices and coordinate between outside IT contractor and REACH.
    • Serve on cross-program committees to strengthen the agency as a whole.
    • Other duties as assigned.

Other Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and promote a positive professional working relationship with all employees
  • Attend and participate in meetings, committees and trainings as assigned
  • Participate and cooperate with site reviews and evaluations as required of the agency by federal, state or local contract or law
  • Understand and comply with all agency policies and procedures
  • Ensure confidentiality as prescribed by agency policy and federal/state law
  • Know and follow the REACH Service Principles, Core Values and Mission Statement

Position Requirements:

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent combination of education, experience, and training that demonstrates the ability to perform the essential job functions. Preference for background in basic mathematics or data analysis and/or competency in software user management. Willingness to train on additional software tools. Fingerprint and background check clearance required. TB, First Aid and CPR if required per current regulations. One year supervisory experience preferred. One year experience working in agency with people who experience a developmental disability preferred.

Licensure: Not applicable

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Proficiency in the use of computers for software user interface, word processing, and other applications.
  • Proficiency in the use of Excel and Word; strong ability to learn PowerPoint or other presentation software.
  • Ability to organize, evaluate and present information effectively, both orally and in writing, within a prescribed time frame.
  • Ability to problem solve user-interface issues such as bad passwords, privilege problems, missing data etc. using sound judgment.
  • Ability to apply the laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, precedents and terminology used in the work, the ambition to investigate the resources available and to master the applicable state regulations.
  • Excellent professional software interface skills.
  • Strong organization, documentation, and time management skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Demonstrated experience pertaining to the appropriate handling of confidential and privileged information.
  • Detail oriented with the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Effective problem-solving skills.
  • Willingness to learn the Medicaid system, disability issues, benefits, programs and practices.

Physical Requirements: Ability to perform sedentary work. Visual acuity necessary to utilize a computer monitor throughout the course of a normal workday. Ability to perform repetitive keyboarding activities and operate general office equipment. Ability to communicate verbally, both in person and over the telephone. Heavy lifting may be required.

Working Conditions: Work is performed in an office setting.


This Position Description reflects the best efforts of REACH to describe the essential functions and qualifications of the job described. It is not an exhaustive statement of all the duties, responsibilities, or qualifications of the job. This document is not intended to exclude an opportunity for modifications consistent with providing reasonable accommodation.